Annie Mackay

Annie graduated, in the summer of 2003, with a degree in theatre from Illinois State University.

She grew up in Barrington, IL, a north-west suburb of Chicago, where she quickly realized her passion for performing. With a strong history in acting and voice, Annie knew that she had the entertainment business coursing through her veins. And with three younger sisters, she was never short an audience.

During her college years she performed in many shows including "The Exercise," "The Tempest," and "Chamber Music." Annie has enjoyed doing children's theatre. She performed in "Wiley and The Hairy Man" at the Cuneo Museum and Gardens.

Annie is also an active member of the Improv Mafia. The troupe is a completely unscripted improv troupe that originated on the I.S.U. campus in 1998. Annie has been a member since 2000, and has recently founded a suburban chapter. The suburban Improv Mafia is performing as the Steel Beam Theatre's resident improv troupe for 2004! Annie is also starring as Gretel in "Hansel and Gretel Go Cajun!" with AlphaBet Soup Productions!

In her free time, Annie is a diligent pen pal to her boyfriend Aaron, who is on active duty in Iraq.