Heidi Popp

A member of IFP, Heidi hopes to make her mark again in another indie cult classic. 'After School Special' and it's sequel 'My Brother's Light' have both been college campus cult hits in the midwest. Another short, "Spooky Incident" won awards at Chicago Indy Film Fest and some well written reviews by the Tribune for her on-camera shine.

Having spent several years in hometown Chicago training and pulling in as many indies and contacts as she could, she left FORD Talent for the starving artist days in LA. Film and television are her passion. She finds the industry fascinating in and of itself. She can be found keeping her feet wet while paying the bills via exec. assist and set P.A. work on studio lots and as a series regular on a TLC staple- and thus continues to make those contacts.

Self motivated and fabulous with business relationships, she continues to pave her own path. Constantly on the hunt for the ultimate indy script, her passion has not once led her astray. Last seen jumping off a building for a Vampire indy, fangs on display, she never hesitates to grab great projects sans pay. Passion and drive keep her afloat. Currently she is in the midst of finishing her sitcom treatments and a slapstick feature ready to pitch with improv and writing partner, Timothy Josephy. Heaven awaits!